About me

I graduated  the Bezalel academy of art and design in 2007 and since then I’ve been working on finding my own unique way to express my soul through material.

I was always drawn to the aesthetic and delicacy of old times beauty and I  feel today we are missing some of that soft naive approach to life and this is what I’m trying bring back  to my world, a small break from daily stress and routine to a world full of softness, femininity and nostalgia.

and that is something i love to spread and share.  

I design unique  jewelry and accessories in a delicate dainty and romantic touch. I enjoy creating with mix materials such as: lace, tulle, metallic parts, porcelain roses, textile pieces, pearls and beads, Swarovski crystals etc. Some are handmade and some I collect. I work mostly with light delicate colors and materials and every piece is made with love patience and care  and in small quantities  at my studio in Jerusalem. Thank you for stopping by, hope you will enjoy my work.

For more information or any question please contact me at: berenika2@gmail.com . Berenika

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